4 months ago
top 10 music videos

Loving this listomania -  Dazed’s Top 10 Music Videos for 2013 

The vid above by Aoife McArdle is one of my faves - so beautiful and hypnotising for the track ‘Open Eye Signal’ by Jon Hopkins.

This list came out before Beyonce’s vids dropped, so they are excused for missing some of the best. But I also like Naughty Boy’s Lalala peruvian wizard of oz video clip.

5 months ago
tvc beastie boys

GodieBlox TVC featuring Beastie Boys re-interpreted track

Screw Van Dam’s impressive ad, this is so dam clever, entertaining and on point!

Firstly, what a great concept - lateral thinking toys for girls! I’m definitely buying this for any daughter/niece/god daughter. Secondly, the engineering of the toys used in the ad - the Rube Goldberg machine with pink girlie toys - is just always fun to watch. And thirdly, lastly, the use of a fave Beastie track “Girls”, re-invented with some excellent lyrics that contradict a bit of the original misogynist tones replaced with “it’s time to change, we deserve a range”, “all our toys just look the same, and we would like to use our brain”.

One of my favourite sticky moments yet! :)

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7 months ago
solange production design

Lovers in the Parking Lot - Solange

I’m obsessed with ordinary locations that are glamourized by design and character in video and film.

9 months ago
jay-z moma

Jay-Z and MoMA

I just didn’t want to forget to document this interesting sticky moment of art and pop/hip hop/celebrity coming together as Jay-Z raps for 6 hours straight at the MoMA.

Picasso, Rothko, Basquiat, Jay-Z ??

Fame whoring / Art / Publicity ??

Blurred lines…

(Source: pedestrian.tv)

9 months ago
justin timberlake music video



Ok, so Justin is letting us know that he’s not creating just for women, but getting that male audience right where they’re weakest - Boobies!

It’s a bit trippy stylistically, but it really could be more… It’s kind of boring. I mean I don’t hate looking at the beautiful form of naked women, but 7 mins of it - you better do something cool with it! Instead it really lacks. Could they have hired a better light installation artist to do cooler work or gotten a choreographer or a better vfx guy to make it proper trippy? Or gotten Justin to DANCE more please?!

10 months ago

Unlocking the Truth - great short about these extremely inspiring talented kids in a metal band.

Refreshing! And digging this series Avant/Garde Diaries.

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10 months ago
dance tina turner

Ike & Tina Turner - River Deep Mountain High 1971

One of my new favourite dance sequences in this intro, thanks to watching this rare clip on the documentary ‘20 Feet from Stardom’. Bey’s influence for sure!

(Source: youtube.com)

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11 months ago
Sofia Coppola the bling ring soundtracks


One of my most anticipated films this year. Sofia’s soundtrack’s never fail. With Kanye, M.I.A, Sleigh Bells, Rick Ross, Big K.R.I.T, 2 Chainz - some usual suspects of this world she created. Then of course her signature dreamscapey sounds like Phoenix, Can.

Listen to some of these tracks here

11 months ago

Bey’s manager/marketing team are bit of geniuses. Everyone has teaser clips, but why not turn it into a highly watchable ad/video clip?

Bey makin more money, yet tastefully. The ad is still all about her and aligned to their brand. Smart.

This gives us a taste of another single - ‘Standing on the Sun’ written by Sia and Greg Kurstin.

(Source: thefader.com)

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12 months ago
ciara body party

This girl.

That boo.

This guy  - Director X what a hit list repertoire.

1 year ago
Major Lazer freetheuniverse

Hot like lava #freetheuniverse on spin

1 year ago

Tribeca Film Festival Official Playlist

I’m just wondering which film used the Jojo track?! Original hit from the noughties!

(Source: Spotify)

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1 year ago
pharrell williams daft punk

Accessing Pharrell’s amazing Memory…

<3 this guy

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1 year ago
daft punk pharrell williams random access memories

Teaser of Daft Punk & Pharrell - ‘Get Lucky’

from Daft Punk’s highly anticipated album, ‘Random Access Memories’ out May 21.

<3 <3 <3 <3 <3

Full leak

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1 year ago
great gatsby beyonce jay-z

The Great Gatsby new trailer with music from Beyonce and Andre 300 covering ‘Back to Black’ and Lana Del Rey, Florence and The Machine. Brought to you by music director - Jay Z.


Soundtrack sampler here - http://youtu.be/5snA5TEse9w Will.i.am, Bryan Ferry, Jack White, Gotye, Quadron, Fergie and QTip, Lana Del Ray, The XX

Out May 7