3 years ago
breaking bad Fujiya & Miyagi thomas golubic

Uh -  Fujiya & Miyagi

My favouritest scene and synch from my favourite TV series Breaking Bad - Sn 1. When I first saw this I was like - shit, who is this music supervisor? And from then on and even before that, the music synchs just kept blowing me away! 

I realised we already had Fujiya Miyaga (UK Krautrock/electronic act) in our record collection, but I hadn’t been introduced to it properly until this scene. It’s when music is cut properly to the scene, the mood and stunning images for more than the almost useless 7 seconds that make me love editing, music supervision and this, I think underpraised guy - Thomas Golubic, from the same batch as Gary Calamar, as he also worked on Six Feet Under.

Also love Darondo ‘Didn’t I’